Sustainability Leader

About Me

Akshay Jamdade is an Environmentalist, Podcast Host 'Towards Sustainable Future', Author 'Sustainable Future Starts with Green Present', Electrical Engineer with expertise in Clean Energy Transition, Climate Reality Leader, and European Climate Pact Ambassador

He is driven by his motivation to design Sustainable Future and work towards Sustainable Development Goals. He is part of various Youth-Led Movements, NGOs, NPOs working towards Environment Protection, Biodiversity, and Climate Action. He has expertise in driving sustainable changes.

Green Sustainable Future is an individual-run non-profit organization with a vision of designing a sustainable future keeping environmental competencies at heart.


Work Experience

2020 - 2021

Podcast Host of 'Towards Sustainable Future', Editor at 'Green Sustainable Future', Co-ordinator at 'FridaysforFuture', Climate Reality Leader, European Climate Pact Ambassador


International Relations Manager at AIESEC in Greece for Incoming Global Entrepreneur, managing demand and supply and creating new partnerships from more than 10 countries from Europe, 6+ from Asia, 4+ from Middle East and from America.


International Relations Manager at AIESEC in India for Outgoing Global Entrepreneur, managing demand and supply from 15+ countries from Europe and Asia. CEED for AIESEC in Nepal for Incoming Global Entrepreneur- Managing team of 10 as Sales Director in Nepal


2020 / March

Yale University 

Specialization in Climate Change and health effects, Credentials here.

2020 / June

Wageningen University & Research

Specialization in Sustainable Agency, Credentials here

2020 / July

KKW Institute of Engineering and Research

Bachelors in Electrical Engineering